In the event that you curently have this form of borrowing

In the event that you curently have this form of borrowing

With us and need to borrow more, you can apply for a top-up or an additional loan if you already have a loan.

Get on your Barclays or Barclaycard application, or even the Barclaycard internet site, to see if any offers are had by you.

  • You can easily borrow more, if you meet with the affordability and eligibility criteria
  • For buy-to-let mortgages, there’s the absolute minimum delay of 6 months through the final time you borrowed more (there’s no minimum delay for domestic mortgages)

If you want more funds, perhaps you are in a position to boost your arranged overdraft when you look at the Barclays application, on line Banking (if you’re subscribed), within the phone or in a branch.

Once you’ll obtain it

Often the moment we approve the application.

  • When you yourself have a present account with us so we can validate your earnings, you will get a Barclaycard the moment we approve the job
  • Your card should show up within 7 to 2 weeks

The application form procedure is much longer than for any other kinds of borrowing, therefore it could simply take a month or so.

Right away if we approve the application.

You’ll need certainly to repay your loan in fixed month-to-month instalments by Direct Debit over a period that is agreed.

You are able to spend in lots of ways, the being that is easiest by Direct Debit.

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  • Pay off the full balance every month by the deadline and you also won’t get charged any interest on acquisitions (though interest is charged on cash withdrawals through the time you withdraw the amount of money)
  • Spend significantly less than the amount that is full you’ll have interest included with the rest of the balance the next month (though perhaps not during interest-free offer durations)
  • Pay the minimum quantity, though it’ll take longer to cover off and you’ll pay more interest (except during an offer period that is interest-free