The sixth action would be to wire the hot spa disconnect.

The sixth action would be to wire the hot spa disconnect.

Attach the cables that cause the spa. Connect the red, white, and wires that are black the base of the GFCI breaker. Then connect the grounding that is green to your ground club.

Connect the cables through the breaker panel. Then connect the black colored and wires that are red the breaker feed lugs together with the breaker. Make certain you connect the white cable to your line bar that is neutral. Then connect the green grounding cable towards the ground club.

Make sure to follow your spa directions whenever wiring the panel.


The seventh step is always to wire the hot spa control board because of the wires from the tub disconnect that is hot. Simply follow directions given for your requirements by the manufacturers..


The 2nd to final step would be to wire the spa disconnect to your primary breaker panel. Make certain the breaker that is main down and therefore there isn’t any power present.

The cables from the charged utility company continue to be stimulated, despite having the breaker down.

Continually be careful when employed in the breaker package. Connect the red and black colored cables to a separate double-pole GFCI circuit that is 240V breaker. Label the brand new hot spa circuit breaker.


The step that is final to really have the hot spa inspected by a specialist before filling it with water and utilizing it.

Did we protect all that you desired to find out about hot spa disconnects?

A spa disconnect is a unique socket needed for 220-volt models.

It allows the hot spa to easily be disconnected through the power.继续阅读