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Before selecting an institution, become familiar with the complaint filing process. Speak with disability rights coordinators and disability service representatives at the campus to learn about student rights and the university’s grievance policy.

  • You can see the presets drawer at the right of the window.
  • Launch Handbrake, select the DVD, then wait a few seconds while the app reads the disc.
  • When Handbrake shows a DVD it has read, you would select the main title from the Title menu and clicked Add to Queue.
  • You’ll need to select every DVD movie that you want to rip.

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One additional $10,000 scholarship is made available to a legally blind student attending or applying to graduate school. The Fred Scheigert Scholarship program awards 3 scholarships of $3,000 each to full-time college students with low vision to support their educational endeavors at both technical and four-year universities. As a student it is important to understand your rights as a college student with a disability. If students qualify for academic accommodations, they should review the college’s polices and regulations regarding those accommodations.

This creates a healthy level of competition that inspires students to continue writing and aiming for their best. The tool also helps teachers gain a more complete understanding of student performance in the areas of writing, grammar and vocabulary. This tool is designed to help students become more creative, thoughtful storytellers.

It is also free to use online at the time of this writing (though its mobile app costs $25). Students have access to 24/7 Canvas Support through the Help button in the main Canvas menu. These Help options include reporting a problem via email and live chat or phone calls with a Canvas support agent. We encourage all students to use Canvas Support to report issues with Canvas instead of contacting the instructor first. Since Canvas Support is available 24 hours a day Quizlet download, 7 days a week, students can get help and, generally, get resolution of the issue immediately.

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Pro Writing Aid is another Chrome extension that improves the writing process. This style, editing and grammar tool is great for high school students who are writing more complex essays and reports, especially in Google Docs. One of the simplest, yet most effective tools for learning new words is Vocabulary.com. This tool tests students’ knowledge of new words using a fun and informative quiz. Beyond just sharing a simple definition, it gives real-world examples and clever usage tips to offer context and meaning behind each new word.

Online learning can create new access opportunities for students, but remain a barrier for students with visual disabilities. “Accessibility of instructional materials, particular online content, can be a major challenge for students,” says Sullivan. Universities are making efforts to improve the accessibility of online learning labs and learning management systems for students with visual disabilities. Discover how to motivate students in the classroom, using the elements of EMPOWER–exploration, motivation, participation, openness, willingness, empathy, and resilience. Make school a positive, meaningful experience in your students’ lives and cultivate intrinsic motivation. Anki is a popular adaptive flashcard app used by many med students. While its design might not be quite as slick as Brainscape and Quizlet, its software is "open source", meaning it is developed by the public community and not controlled by an evil corporation.